Log / Lumber

We are able to source Exotic woods, South American species and any species that other companies are finding hard to offer with our strong network in wood built over 70 years.


Sourcing the best quality logs from around the world has always been our priority since Hokusan was established in 1924.With our years of experience in the wood industry, we take pride in delivering only the finest quality products to our customers.Hokusan is a company who succeeded in slicing 0.2mm veneer and introduced such thinness to the industry.


Sanfoot is a unique wallcovering made from real natural veneer with various features including non-flammability unlike other wood wallcoverings. Not only can it be applied to residential buildings but this special product is also suitable for hotels, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, nursing homes, shops, office areas, education centers, retails, air/land vehicle interiors, etc. regardless of their traditional/modern design.Sanfoot delights the eye with its natural beauty and unique properties of wood, while our special finishing gives both wear resistance and great flexibility that enables easy application.

Sanfoot distributors

Name Marro Sp.zo.o.
Address ul. Marii Kazimiery 18, 01-641 Warszawa, Poland
TEL 022-832-3535
FAX 022-832-3636
E-mail info@marro.com.pl
Website http://www.marro.com.pl
Name Marotte
Address 47, rue Eugene Berthuod-BP 87 93402 Saint-Ouen Cedex (Paris) - France
TEL 0149 481360
FAX 0140 122887
E-mail tirard@marotte.fr
Website http://www.sanfoot.fr
Name Qingdao Histep International Trading Ltd.
Address 2216RM, Parkson No.44-60, Zhongshan Rd, Qingdao, China 266001
TEL 0532-86670726
FAX 0532-86670702
E-mail histep@degao.cn
Website http://www.degao.cn
Address Hafikus 134, Neve Yamin, 44920, ISRAEL.
TEL 972-73-7402002, 972-50-9000678
FAX 972-153-9000678
E-mail info@segaltec.co.il
Website https://www.segaltec.co.il
Name Elton Group
Address 1-5 Brough St., Springvale, VIC 3171, Australia
TEL 03-8555-2235
FAX 03-8555-3009
E-mail karen@eltongroup.com
Website https://www.eltongroup.com
Name JEB Architectural Finishes Ltd
Address 9A, Cheung Wah Industrial Building, 10-12 Shipyard Lane, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
TEL 852-2520-2839
FAX 852-2861-2089
E-mail ivychiu@jebgroup.com
Website https://www.jebarchitecturalfinishes.com/
Address Koza Sok. 125/8 G.O.P. 06700 Ankara/Turkey
TEL +90 312 446 05 45
FAX +90 312 447 72 82
E-mail +90 312 447 72 82
Website http://www.wood-foot.com

Glazed wood

By coating natural veneer surface with acrylic/glass, Glazed wood enhances great visual impact when illuminated. Beautiful and unique wood patterns appear vividly through the translucent glass which brings out luster, stateliness and smoothness, giving a new elegance and texture to the interior.Special technology used to adhere acrylic/glass and natural veneer also makes Glazed wood a shatter-resistant product.

Ply Sheet

With our special technology, Hokusan can laminate natural veneer on various backings suitable for each and every purpose. For example, decorative veneer laminated with fleece backing is used for interior of luxury vehicles.


As an environmental friendly company, HOKUSAN is COC (Chain of Custody) certified, ensures that FSC® wood and products have been checked at every stage of processing. Therefore, our customers purchasing FSC® labeled products can be confident as they are FSC® certified.
For further information regarding on FSC® please see https://ic.fsc.org/eng